Bank Circle Launches Native USDC on Noble Bank


Circle has recently announced that Native USDC is now live on Noble, granting users access via the Noble Account and Noble APIs. This means USDC can be exchanged through the IBC Protocol – an Inter-Blockchain Communication acronym – allowing users to exchange digital assets with other Cosmos appchains.

The potential of the Native USDC is available to a variety of users, including institutional traders, digital wallets, developers, and exchange platforms, all through the Circle Account and Circle API.

The benefits of using the USDC token are plentiful. These include low-cost payments globally, as transactions are near-second timeline, 24/7 availability of major functions, and the ability to hold digital savings in the form of US Dollar. The latter is particularly interesting as users don’t need a traditional banking account in order to utilize the token.

Appchains such as Injective, Osmosis and Kado now use the USDC token to enable users access features such as borrowing and lending. USDC has recently become available on NEAR and Base, granting it the official form of currency on both networks.

Circle hopes that Native USDC liquidity will soon replace USDC.e, the currently bridged USDC liquidity. This is especially beneficial for Base, as the network operates at a low-cost model, built for those looking to join Web3.

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