Enrolling in the Core Developer Learning Program: Second Cohort Now Open


Are Are you eager to grasp the core protocols behind the Ethereum blockchain? Are Are you interested in exploring the technical and fundamental aspects of the program? Ethereum protocol?

Applications for the second cohort are now being accepted for the Core Developer Learning Program (CDAP)!

What is Available in CDAP?

I’m Piper Merriam and I’m a lead developer. That It means that I’m responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing the Ethereum Protocol. RecentlyProtocol development has increased. The “merger” This has made the journey to reach your goals easier and faster. “stateless Ethereum” We are continually evolving and we have plans in place to get rid of any long-standing “warts” on the EVM. There There are a lot of possibilities. But, unfortunately, there aren’t enough people with the experience and knowledge to get the task done. This is where it all begins.

My initiative to help people get involved in core protocol development is the EF Protocol Support Initiative. Here Here are some details.

  • Applications Open until September 13th
  • The Program runs from the start of September 2021 to February 2022
  • Participants will have direct access to the main developer community.
  • Participants can work on real projects to help make a difference in the lives of others through the Ethereum protocols.

This program will provide you with the opportunity to experience core protocol development first-hand and provide support as you learn about the protocols. Ethereum is built.

The First Cohort

We We started the “zero cohort”, the first cohort of the Core Developer Apprenticeship Program (CDAP), two months ago. Since About 15 developers have been contributing to the exploration, learning, investigation, and sharing of their knowledge. Many of these developers had little or no knowledge of the inner workings of Ethereum. Two Several months later, the same developers have been doing the following:

  • Working on another way of documenting and specifying the item Ethereum protocol.
  • Exploring how to modify or remove the SELFDESTRUCT opcode
  • Assisting in building ZKSync
  • Updating the portal network with new peer-to–peer networks.
  • Writing code to implement your own EVM

We We have now proven the concept and are ready to start the second cohort.

Do Something Meaningful

Developing the core protocol is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done in my professional life. I have the ability to use my expertise and experience to care for and improve a multi-million dollar protocol. I believe this protocol will be a key part in creating a better future for humanity. I can’t speak for the rest. “rat race” It was its predecessor. Are Do you want to

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