Big Eyes Coin: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been widely accepted in the furry, feline-loving community. This ERC-20 token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a captivating investment opportunity that has raised $46 million during its presale. Its charming cartoon cat mascot with its exaggerated big eyes sets it apart from the crowded meme coin landscape.

To address the most pressing questions from the Big Eyes Coin’s community, the team behind it has chosen to reveal their identities to establish trust and foster relationships. They are Ahmed Yalom (CEO), Malamud Kasher (Head of Trading/Listing), Shahab Yaari (Head of Casino), Mando Harel (Head of Licensing), and Zohar Harel and Rayan Tuwim (Developers).

Big Eyes Coin leverages the Ethereum blockchain, providing a secure foundation for transactions. The team is working to counter potential bot attacks and stabilize the coin’s value by seeking listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs). This adds an additional layer of security and stability to the investment.

With a successful raise of $46 million, Big Eyes Coin has substantial funds to fuel its growth. The team plans to focus on exchange listings and expansion, community engagement, and marketing initiatives over the next six months. They have already secured 24 months of runway and have listed on OKX, Uniswap, and Poloniex exchanges with LBank coming soon.

In conclusion, Big Eyes Coin provides an opportunity to join a thriving community and be part of a project with exciting future prospects. The team’s commitment to fostering a strong and engaged community, as well as their dedication to building a fun and rewarding experience, ensures that the journey with Big Eyes Coin is only just beginning.

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