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The major global cryptocurrency exchange Binance is now looking to recruit IT experts and customer support staff to its Romanian operations. The platform can also be involved in various educational initiatives together with local universities and government bodies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance is Looking for Employees to Fill Vacancies in Romanian Offices

The world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, has plans to hire a number of professionals this year to its technology center in Iași, the third-largest city in Romania. The center was established in 2022 and the company has already started to employ its staff.

Job listings for IT specialists are already available for backend, mobile, and QA. As reported by Romania Insider portal, experience with Java, Typescript, iOS, Android, and Automation Framework is required. Binance Country Manager for Romania, Ilie Pușcaș, commented:

Binance is always hiring and creating jobs around the world. We love the hot spot of Romania, which is renowned for its high IT and expertise.

“Last year, we opened our first technology center in the country, in Iași, after sustained discussions with the Romanian government, and this year we are entering a natural stage of growth, in which we want to attract many talents to our new center.” The executive added:

Binance is also recruiting customer-support staff to its offices in Bucharest. Open positions in both locations can be found on Binance’s international website in all departments.

Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao announced the opening of the Romanian office during a visit to Bucharest in September. While there, he met with high-ranking government officials and highlighted Binance’s plans to expand direct operations in Eastern Europe.

In addition to recruitment efforts, Binance is also involved in various educational initiatives in Romania. These are conducted in partnership with various platforms, universities, and government agencies to run programs, webinars, or trainings in finance and cryptocurrency for Romanians. In the past, the company has held seminars in Bucharest, Iași, and Cluj-Napoca.

Related initiatives are part of Binance’s operations in numerous countries in the region. In early February, the exchange agreed to help Georgia create its crypto sector through crypto-focused and academic events. In December, it launched a blockchain education program in Kazakhstan and provided assistance with the cryptocurrency regulations in Azerbaijan.

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