Binance.US Introduces .BinanceUS Domains For US Customers


Binance News: The U.S. arm of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.US, has recently announced its collaboration with Web3’s leading domain name registrar Unstoppable Domains to supply personalized “.BinanceUS” addresses for American users. With this, they can now select their preferred digital identities to easily receive and send digital assets as opposed to utilizing conventional alphanumeric wallet addresses.

Binance.US Introduces Branded Web3 Domains

The new service allows customers to create “.BinanceUS” domains, giving them unique identities for their digital wallets that are easy to understand and can be used within the Binance.US app to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies.

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As per the official announcement, the .BinanceUS domain names will be soon made accessible entirely through the exchange’s app; and it is the first time, Unstoppable has provided customers with two-number domain names such as “00.BinanceUS” or “99.BinanceUS”. Additionally, it already offers two-letter domain names like “ok.BinanceUS”.

BinanceUS Addresses To Begin At $10

Furthermore, under the new alliance, customers of Unstoppable Domains will be able to withdraw cryptocurrency to a wide range of domain addresses, including “.crypto,” “.nft,” and “.x” domains, through Binance US. According to the official statements released, users will be able to purchase “.BinanceUS” domain names for as low as $10.

While, in contrast to its rival ENS which mints all its domain names on the Ethereum blockchain, the BinanceUS domain names will be created on the Polygon network. Bearing in mind that there is a cost associated with using gas on Ethereum, ENS names can end up being costly. Nevertheless, as per Unstoppable Domain’s website, their domain addresses do not have any gas fees connected to it.

In the wake of this Binance news, the exchange’s native cryptocurrency BNB, experienced an increase of roughly 0.11% in the last hour. As things currently stand, the price of BNB is changing hands at $338.16 and has a market cap of approximately $51 billion.

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