“Binance Wallet to Offer 500k OSHI Airdrop in First Bitcoin Layer2 CDP Powered by Satoshi Protocol”


On April 4th, Binance Web3 Wallet partnered with BEVM and Satoshi Protocol to launch an airdrop campaign worth millions. The campaign has already attracted over 30,000 participants in just 3 days since its launch.

BEVM is a unique EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 solution that stands out in the crowded market. It utilizes Taproot consensus, Schnorr signatures, MAST, and Bitcoin SPV to achieve the highest level of decentralization and security among all BTC Layer 2 solutions.

Satoshi Protocol is the first CDP protocol built on BEVM, live on the mainnet since March 28th. It aims to provide liquidity for BTC through the SAT dollar stablecoin, expanding the scenarios of BTCFi. This unlocks trillion-dollar liquidity within the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering users a way to maintain Bitcoin holdings while gaining liquidity.

The protocol has achieved several milestones in the past month, building a strong community with over 60,000 followers on Twitter and 70,000 members across Telegram and Discord.

The interplay between SAT and OSHI forms the heart of Satoshi Protocol. SAT’s value remains consistently pegged to the US dollar through a sophisticated system that combines over-collateralization, permissionless liquidation, stability pools, and arbitrage.

BEVM and Satoshi Protocol recently joined forces with Binance Web3 Wallet to offer a total of 10.5M $BEVM and 500k $OSHI Token Airdrop. Users can participate in the campaign by bridging BTC to BEVM and creating positions on Satoshi Protocol.

Satoshi Protocol represents a glimpse into the future of Bitcoin finance, unlocking the true potential of BTC through innovative solutions. By partnering with Binance Wallet, it is heading west and expanding its reach to a wider audience.

To learn more about Satoshi Protocol, users can follow their marketing team’s contact details provided in this article.

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