“Bitbot Prepares for Presale as First BTC Options Expiry After ETF Approval Looms”


  • The short-term volatility of BTC options expiry has been affected by the recent ETF approval.
  • Bitbot’s presale in January 2017 promises an exciting opportunity for self-custodial options.
  • With a total of 1 billion tokens available, Bitbot aims to reach a market capitalization of $1B and be listed on top exchanges.

The crypto market is buzzing as the potential for a bull run in 2024 looms. Recent events, such as the ETF approval for Bitcoin, have caused significant market movement. Bitbot, a revolutionary Telegram Trading bot, is preparing for its token presale on January 17.

This article will delve into the first BTC options expiry after the approval of the Bitcoin ETF and explore the potential of Bitbot’s presale in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

The First BTC Options Expiry After Bitcoin ETF Approval

The recent approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF on Wall Street has set the stage for unprecedented market movement. Despite its historical significance, Bitcoin’s price has remained relatively stable at $46,080.

As of January 12, there are 36,000 Bitcoin options set to expire, offering an opportunity for traders. The Put Call Ratio is currently at 0.9, with a Maxpain point of $45,000 and a nominal value of $1.68 billion. This expiry also highlights the upcoming expiration of 262,000 ETH options in a few months, with a Put Call Ratio of 0.64 and a Maxpain point of $2,400 and a notional value of $680 million.

The Crypto Market After Bitcoin ETF Approval

While the adoption of the Bitcoin Spot ETF promises long-term benefits, short-term uncertainties remain. Investors have experienced an increase in implied volatility followed by a decline, creating a cautious and expectant atmosphere.

Santiment’s data indicates a potential shift in the market post-ETF approval, with a slight decrease in active Bitcoin wallets. Although ETFs could add an extra layer of intrigue, it may not have a major impact on price.

The Buzz Around Bitbot’s Presale

As the crypto community braces for potential market changes, all eyes are on Bitbot. This Telegram bot is a disruptive force in the trading world, offering self-custodial solutions on the popular messaging app. The presale for Bitbot’s token will begin on January 17, providing a new and exciting opportunity for investment.

The total supply of Bitbot tokens is 1 billion, with 30% being distributed in eight stages of the presale. An additional 20% is allocated for the Bitbot development team to ensure ongoing innovation and long-term usefulness.

Bitbot stands out with its ultra-flexible wallet management, powered by MPC custodial API technology. This system replaces private keys with key shares unique to each user, enhancing privacy and accuracy. Bitbot’s custody partner, Knightsafe, adds an extra layer of security with its open-source and decentralized digital asset self-custody service.

Is Bitbot a Good Investment?

The decision to invest in any cryptocurrency is ultimately up to the individual. However, thorough research is necessary as the crypto market can be volatile. As the presale for Bitbot approaches, it’s worth noting that the Telegram bot offers an Anti MEV Bot to prevent scams and protect users’ accounts. Additionally, Bitbot users can easily sign up, copy trades from top traders, and participate in an integrated referral program.

Bitbot’s allocation strategy is focused on development, marketing, and liquidity, with the goal of reaching a market capitalization of $1B and securing listings on top exchanges. Additionally, a $100K prize competition is in the works, adding even more excitement to Bitbot as a potential gem in the ever-changing crypto landscape.


In the midst of evolving market trends, there is potential for a cryptocurrency bull run, and Bitbot and Bitcoin are key players in this landscape. The expiry of BTC options and the presale of Bitbot create a dynamic landscape, offering traders and investors a multitude of opportunities.

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