“Bitbot Presale Hits Over $900k, Bitcoin Aims for $70k Mark Once More”


Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been making waves this month. On Friday, it reached a new all-time high of $70k before pulling back to the $67k range. Currently, it stands at $68,730 and is likely to target the $70k mark again in the near future.

In the midst of this bullish market, trading volume in the cryptocurrency market continues to rise. This has led to an increase in active traders and the need for tools to improve trading activities. One such project is Bitbot, a Web3 project that offers unique value propositions for traders in the cryptocurrency space.

Bitbot is a Telegram trading bot that allows users to trade via their cold wallets. It provides innovative features and leverages Telegram’s position as a popular social media platform for crypto users. With high-end features and institutional-grade capabilities, Bitbot has the potential to become a widely adopted tool for cryptocurrency traders.

The project plans to bring technological innovations to benefit traders, such as a self-custody solution using Knightsafe to mitigate risks associated with Telegram trading, anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions, and flexible wallet management. It also offers a copy trading feature that allows users to replicate trades from top-performing wallets based on on-chain activities.

Currently, Bitbot is in its fifth stage of presale and has raised $943,475 of the required $1,106,000. The project’s token, $BITBOT, is currently priced at $0.0122 and will increase to $0.0128 in the next round. The tokenomics show that 20% of the total supply will be held by the development team, 14% for marketing and CEX listings, and 3% for exchange liquidity provision.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and attract more traders, tools like Bitbot are likely to gain massive adoption. With its advanced features and solutions, Bitbot could become a major player in the market and see a surge in adoption as trading volume increases. For more information on Bitbot’s upcoming presale, click here.

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