“Bitbot Surges as Ape Terminal Scraps ZKasino Initial DEX Offering”


The Ape Terminal, a top IDO platform, has cancelled the IDO for ZKasino, a crypto betting platform. This comes as the broader crypto community remains resilient despite Bitcoin’s halving. However, one project that is gaining attention is Bitbot, a new crypto trading solution.

As Bitbot’s presale gains momentum, investors are flocking to it due to the promises it offers. This is especially appealing in light of recent events surrounding ZKasino, which has faced allegations of a rug pull and delays in its exchange listing.

Bitbot stands out in the market due to its non-custodial trading feature, which is powered by AI. Unlike other solutions in the market, Bitbot offers industry-leading security through its anti-rug pull and anti-MEV tools. This, along with the team’s transparency, has led to over $2.7 million raised in their presale.

In contrast, ZKasino’s IDO has been cancelled by Ape Terminal following concerns of a potential rug pull. This comes after allegations of a $32 million rug pull by decentralized P2P orderbook exchange, ZigZag. Some exchanges have also announced delays in listing ZKasino’s token, ZKAS.

On the other hand, Bitbot’s native token, BITBOT, presents a key investment opportunity. As the presale progresses, the token’s price will increase, making it a potentially lucrative investment. Additionally, BITBOT holders will also receive a share of the platform’s revenue.

Overall, Bitbot’s launch as the only non-custodial Telegram trading bot in the market is creating a strong community around the project. As the presale nears its end, this could be an early opportunity for investors. For more information, visit the official Bitbot website.

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