“Bitbot’s Future: Predictions and Possibilities Revealed”


Bitbot: The First Non-Custodial Telegram Trading Bot Pioneering the Crypto Market

Bitcoin’s Price Drop and Potential Rebound Assistance from Bitbot

Bitcoin’s price fell significantly this week, dropping below $67,000 after reaching a new all-time high of $73,000. Despite this, there is still bullish sentiment around Bitcoin and its potential for a rebound. One project that traders are eagerly anticipating is Bitbot, the world’s first non-custodial Telegram Trading bot.

Telegram’s Growing Crypto Trading Bot Market

As the trading community seeks more advanced AI features and tools, the market for Telegram bots is growing. While the market has seen a decline in recent months, analysts predict potential growth for Telegram bots in the future. Currently, some of the most popular bots for trading are PAAL AI Unibot and Banana Gun.

Bitbot: Putting Security First

Bitbot stands out from other bots as it not only offers institutional-grade trading tools, but also prioritizes the security of its users’ assets. With incidents occurring in the past that have affected users, Bitbot’s non-custodial security solution, in partnership with KnightSafe, offers MPC custody for full control of assets’ private keys.

Bulls Ready for BTC to Retest $70,000?

Bitcoin has outpaced global assets, reaching a new high of $74,000 this week. However, it saw a 10% decline after reaching this new ATH, dropping to lows of $64,866. The next target for bulls is the psychological level of $70,000, but buyers may need to turn the $66,000-$65,000 zone into a support level to avoid further declines. The Fear & Greed Index remains elevated at 79, indicating a positive outlook for BTC.

Bitbot Price Prediction

As traders eagerly anticipate the launch of Bitbot and its unique revenue sharing mechanism, the project’s presale has generated over $1 million in its fifth stage. Analysts predict BITBOT to potentially be a 100x token by 2024, especially with Bitcoin’s upcoming halving and the token’s launch on trading exchanges.

To find out more about Bitbot and its potential, visit their official site.

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