“Bitbot’s Presale Hits $300k as Bitcoin Dips Below $40,000”


Bitcoin continues to face selling pressure as its value drops below $40,000. Despite the recent approval of Bitcoin Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), its market cap has fallen by over 20%. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price is at $39,761, a decrease of 1% in the past 24 hours. However, market participants remain optimistic that the current bearish trend will give way to a strong bull market this year.

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving, set to occur in three months, is expected to kickstart a new bullish cycle. This could result in significant gains not just for Bitcoin, but also for altcoins in the coming months.

One project that has caught the attention of traders is Bitbot, a unique trading bot that leverages the power of Telegram and cold wallets. Despite the current market conditions, Bitbot’s presale has been successful, and the team has already raised over $300,000 in just one week. With its focus on security and innovative trading tools, Bitbot could be a top performer in the crypto space by 2024.

Bitbot’s team is composed of experienced individuals from both traditional finance and blockchain industries. They are committed to developing high-quality trading features and anti-MEV/anti-rug solutions to protect users’ assets. Additionally, Bitbot offers a flexible and secure wallet management system powered by API technology and a feature for copy trading.

The presale for Bitbot’s native token, $BITBOT, is ongoing, with a current price of $0.0105. This is expected to increase to $0.011 when the third round begins. The team plans to allocate 20% of the tokens to fund ongoing development, 14% for marketing and CEX listings, and 3% for exchange liquidity provision.

As the crypto market continues to grow, Bitbot has the potential to become a top player in the industry. With its focus on security, innovative features, and strong team, it could be a top performer by 2024. To learn more about Bitbot and its upcoming presale, click here.

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