BitBoy Crypto Reveals: How To Become ADA Millionaire in 2023 – Ultimate Guide Revealed!


In recent analysis by popular cryptocurrency expert Ben Armstrong (also known as BitBoy Crypto), the potential of Cardano’s native token, ADA, to make millionaires in the upcoming bull run was explored. His “moon math” is designed to help investors understand what they need to achieve their millionaire dreams by investing in ADA.

We began by recognizing the record high for ADA which was just over $3 in September 2021. However, he noted that it had maintained a steady value of around $1 even during the bear market’s onset. As the price of the cryptocurrency had dropped below $1 at the time of his recording, this suggests that it could surge in value if prices begin to rise.

Ben openly declared his bullish position on Cardano. He emphasizes that he invested in the project because of his personal conviction and not for financial gain. He argued that it’s realistic to expect ADA’s price to smash through $3 as the next bull run begins.

Ben also spoke more on Cardano’s global impact, particularly in emerging economies. He highlighted its presence in Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia – the areas experiencing rapid economic development. The project’s focus on disruption, he emphasized, has been integral to its success since its inception by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood in 2014.

The crypto influencer is optimistic about Cardano’s future, noting the growing NFT ecosystem and the impending Hydra upgrade. He even indulged in some “moon math”, proposing that if ADA’s price went parabolic and threatened Ethereum’s market cap, hitting $10 would require 100,000 ADA to achieve a million dollars.

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