Bitcoin-Backed Crypto ICO Reaches Halfway Mark, Raises Over $1.9 Million in Just 10 Days


Bitcoin BSC Raises Over $1.7M in Presale, Promises New Era of Crypto with High-Yield Staking

On September 14th, 2023, Chainwire reported that emerging project Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) had successfully raised over $1,700,000 surpassing 50% of their presale goal, leading up to their soft cap goal.

Bitcoin BSC has gained traction for combining Bitcoin’s branding with staking rewards and the speed of the Binance Smart Chain. At the time of writing, over 821,000 BTCBSC tokens have been staked, a noteworthy figure considering the project is still in its presale phase.

Early investors can purchase BTCBSC tokens for $0.99 during the presale stage, which is divided into two phases, with the initial phase already exceeding 50% of its $3.96 million soft cap.

Bitcoin BSC Stands Out Among the Bitcoin Clones

In the past few months, a variety of “Bitcoin clones” have entered the market. Examples include BTC20 (BTC20), a stake-to-earn cryptocurrency hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and memecoin HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN), currently ranked eighth in CoinMarketCap’s list of the biggest meme coins in the world.

The Bitcoin BSC team believes their unique blend of strong branding, high-yield staking, and a comprehensive roadmap will help them stand out from the competition. As proof of their commitment to quality, the project is backed by a stringent audit from Coinsult, and recently got featured by YouTube influencer Jacob Bury.

About Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC is a Proof of Staked based, greener version of Bitcoin which was created on the BNB chain infrastructure. To learn more, visit the Bitcoin BSC Presale


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