Bitcoin (BTC) Surpasses $43,000 as InQubeta (QUBE) Gains Momentum


The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a high level of volatility. Bitcoin (BTC), the number one digital currency, is seeing the greatest surge – increasing by over 150% in 2021. Investors looking for long-term returns and significant returns have been flocking to InQubeta, a blockchain ICO in the AI industry.

InQubeta’s revolutionary model uses NFTs to track trends, allowing investors to make returns on fractional investments. This article will explore Bitcoin and InQubeta’s rise amid the crypto surge.

InQubeta’s ongoing presale, along with its utility, has attracted mainstream attention. The project is backed by trending NFTs which represent an opportunity in AI tech startups. Investors can crowdfund this development and reap rewards, regardless of their financial situation. InQubeta has already raised $6.3 million from its presale.

A significant increase in the number of investments has been observed, with investors looking for huge returns on their portfolios. The QUBE presale has entered Stage Selling at the DeFi coin rate of $0.01925 each token. This stage has sold out fast, with just 20% remaining. The blockchain ICO proposed a price list of $0.0308 offering a 60% return to investors that purchase at this point.

The mainstream buzz surrounding InQubeta’s momentum has increased, as investors rush to take advantage of QUBE benefits such as staking from a pool dedicated for QUBE holders and governance rights.

Bitcoin DeFi coin prices have soared to over $43,000 in the past weekend, surprising traders and investors. The top crypto coin has experienced extreme volatility throughout the year, with a fall from about $68,000 to below $17,000 per coin. This recent price rally represents a 150% growth this year.

The growth is attributed to expectations around a Spot BTC ETF, as well as reduced inflation on the market. Bloomberg Intelligence predictions suggest that Spot BTC ETF will receive approval from the SEC before January. If implemented, this could result in significant growth in the industry, as optimism continues to drive the token’s price.

The crypto market is on the rise, with Bitcoin kickstarting the bull run. Investors who purchased the dip are able to celebrate their success. InQubeta also offers incredible opportunities, providing discounted rates in its presale journey. It’s an excellent option for those who missed the BTC dip, offering a chance at a 60% increase by launch.

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