“Bitcoin Charts Show No Bearish Signs, Analyst Claims”


According to More Crypto Online, a cryptocurrency analyst on YouTube, the current trend on the Bitcoin chart consisting of five waves could potentially lead to an even larger trend. In a video released on January 12th, the analyst explains that if the daily chart for Bitcoin (BTC) breaks its micro support, it could trigger a wave four, followed by a larger wave five, as long as the market does not drop below $35,000.

If this scenario plays out, the upcoming wave four would be significantly larger than the previous month’s wave four, resulting in a bullish outcome. The analyst also emphasizes that nothing on the chart indicates a bearish trend unless the market falls below $20,000. They go on to say, “I would treat any sell-off as a gift,” and express doubts about Bitcoin dropping to that level. Instead, they are currently monitoring for a potential wave four before expecting a sharp pullback once all five waves are complete.

On the hourly chart, the rally from the September 11th low may have ended on January 11th, which could have been a major top. However, the analyst clarifies that this cannot be confirmed until there is a sustained break below $42,550. They also note a few red candles on the daily charts, but assure viewers that this is common in the crypto market and does not necessarily signal a larger downturn.

More Crypto Online also predicts a potential shift in the market, stating that the ETH/BTC chart may have bottomed out the previous week. This could lead to a flow of money from BTC to Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins, potentially triggering an “altcoin season.”

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