Bitcoin investors take note: Metacade price cools, but potential remains high


Metacade (MCADE) has seen its price cool alongside the rest of the crypto sector after the SEC lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase. However, MCADE’s potential remains unexploited as its innovation platform has been lauded as a game changer, attracting demand for its native token. Metacade Lite ushers in a new era of Web 3.0 gaming and could be a game changer if successful.

What is Metacade’s value proposition?
Metacade is a Web 3.0 gaming platform that brings together gaming enthusiasts, developers, and investors. The native token MCADE powers the gaming ecosystem and offers holders future benefits. Members can acquire MCADE by competing in games, creating, or giving feedback on projects. Additionally, Metacade’s revenue model incorporates game launchpad, advertisement, and job posting to ensure its success in the Web 3.0 gaming disruption.

What are the price trends and prediction for MCADE?
MCADE’s price during its presale was $0.020. After listing on Uniswap in April, the demand for the token increased and the price rose to a high of $0.045. Profit-taking then pushed the cryptocurrency lower, and it is currently slightly below the presale level. However, with Metacade Lite, MCADE has been rising again.

In the medium term, a price return to $0.045 is the most realistic prediction. In the longer term, MCADE could reach up to 10 times its presale value, with analysts predicting a price of up to $1 by the end of 2023.

Is MCADE worth buying at the current price?
Technically, MCADE’s support lies at a lower price than the current level, meaning we could see a further price correction before the token continues its uptrend. However, the current price level is discounted from its all-time high, making it an attractive investment opportunity. There is a chance of a potential price increase that could reap big for investors.

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