– Bitcoin Investor SEC’s Battle With Binance Questioned by Bitcoin Investor


Professor Carol Alexander believes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could lose its lawsuit against Binance. She shared her opinion on this matter while being interviewed by CNBC today.

Alexander also discussed the importance of cryptocurrency and its regulation, stating that cryptography is essential for the digital economy and blockchain. She added that proper regulation is needed in order to avoid fraudulent activities.

The SEC’s financial strength is not enough to deal with the problem Binance is facing, which has resulted in a huge loss of over $4.0 billion last week. The regulator also gave an order to Binance Nigeria Limited to stop operations.

Alexander said that it is possible that certain cryptocurrencies can be classified as securities, although the traditional financial landscape is not free from fraudsters. She expects regulatory clarity to bring about price stability in the crypto market.

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