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CRUX is proud to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry and pave the way for exciting new milestones. This blockchain-powered gaming and financial platform is working to become a driving force in the gaming and blockchain space.

At its core, CRUX offers an innovative gaming experience and a native token, CRUX (CRUX). Players can take part in an immersive survival MMORPG game, fighting against relentless undead enemies and competing for survival in a resource-scarce environment. All this is worth $CRUX – tradeable for real value and money.

CRUX also provides a comprehensive financial platform, leveraging AI and machine learning technologies. Traders and investors can access real-time market analysis, social sentiment analysis, and on-chain data, allowing them to make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities in the crypto market.

The team is committed to expanding the platform’s reach and creating value for its community. An upcoming listing on a major centralized exchange (CEX) will enhance accessibility and liquidity of the CRUX token. Moreover, the game will be constantly improved with new features and a vibrant community of players.

CRUX also recognizes the importance of marketing initiatives to increase user adoption. A 4% transaction fee is allocated to marketing, 2% to liquidity, and 2% back to holders.

“Our upcoming CEX listing, coupled with ongoing game development and targeted marketing initiatives, will solidify CRUX’s position as a leader in the crypto gaming industry,” says Rodrigo, CEO of CRUX.

CRUX’s ultimate goal is to create a dynamic and interconnected metaverse powered by blockchain technology, revolutionizing the gaming and financial industries. Their demo version of the game is already out, and a short gameplay of the alpha version can be found on YouTube. To stay updated on CRUX’s news, milestones, and developments, visit www.cruxcryptos.com and join the community on Telegram at https://t.me/CRUX_CRYPTOS.

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