Bitcoin, Pepe Coin, ORDI Soar as Market Rebounds


Today, crypto prices had recovered momentum, indicating that investors are still engaging in trading activities despite the holiday mood. Generally, trading activity is reduced during the holidays, when whales and investors take a break. However, the recent rally of the crypto market suggests that crypto market participants are looking to end the calendar year on a high note.

Global market watchers anticipate an ‘Santa Claus rally’, which could lead to a new high in the price of cryptos. Crypto prices are on the rise. Bitcoin, the largest crypto by market capital, was up 0.66% at $43,444.46, with its trading volume rising 4% to $20.49 Billion. Additionally, it has gained nearly 2% over the past seven days, reaching a new high for the year of $44,700.

Ethereum, on the other hand, dropped 0.6% to $2268.66, while its trading volume decreased 8.9% to $7.81 Billion. In contrast, Solana noted a strong gain of 7% and was trading at $120.10 when this article was written, with its volume on the day jumping 10.42% to $6.90 billion.

BNB’s price increased 1.18% on Tuesday to $268.93, with its trading volume dropping 3.41% to $761.61 millions. XRP’s price was up 3.16% to $0.6364, and its trading volume increased by 50.88% to reach $1.78 billion.

The gains in nearly all major cryptos helped to increase the global crypto market capitalization by 1.08% during the last 24 hour. At the time of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap was $1.68 Trillion and trading volume in the last 24 hour rose by 1.13% to $63.23 Billion. The Fear and Greed Index showed that a “greed” sentiment is dominating the market, with the reading standing at 73.

The top cryptos for today are Pepe Coin, ORDI, and SATS (1000SATS). Pepe Coin Price was up by 1.73%, traded for $0.000001416. Its trading volume over the past 24 hours decreased by 18.88%, to $89.24 million. Notably, the top meme coin has gained nearly 22% over the last 30 days.

ORDI crypto ranked among the top digital assets in terms of percentage gains on Tuesday, up 37.37% in price to $77.32 and its trading volume has risen by 255.76% over the past 24 hours to $1.49billion. Crypto currency has experienced a staggering 255% surge in the last 30 day.

SATS was up 38.02% at $0.0009004. Its trading volume also soared 473.89%, to $462.09 millions, indicating a high level of confidence among investors. Due to the volatility of the crypto-market, investors are advised to do their homework before placing any bets.

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