Bitcoin Price Nears $25K as Chancer’s Presale Raises $1.8M


Bitcoin prices have dropped over the past seven days and the total cryptocurrency market cap now stands at around $1.03 trillion. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $25,706 per coin and market analysts predict the US Core CPI figures for August to rise at a 0.4% rate.

Chancer, a Web3 project that seeks to decentralise the betting ecosystem, is currently in its stage two presale and has raised nearly 90% of the required funds. The team is close to hitting the $1.8 million mark in the second presale stage and the funds generated from the presale rounds would be channelled towards building Chancer’s decentralised P2P betting platform.

The platform will have features that include betting markets in real-time and based on user interests, social media connections, and expertise. Users can even launch custom P2P betting markets, allowing other users to bet on their events and games.

CHANCER, the native token of the ecosystem, is going for $0.011 per token, with the price set to increase to $0.012 in the third presale round. Token holders can create custom P2P betting events on the Chancer platform and also participate in markets launched by others.

The US Federal Reserve could raise interest rates at once one more time this year, which could see Bitcoin drop towards the $25k level. However, investing in Web3 projects during their presale is one of the best ways to invest and if Chancer succeeds, it could gain massive adoption over the coming months and years.

You can visit the Chancer website to get more information about the presale and buy CHANCER tokens. Supported wallets include Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Rainbow.

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