: Bitcoin Price Surges to Over $8,100 Bitcoin Price Surges to Over $8,100 in Hodler’s Digest for May 14-20


This month, Hyperbitcoinization RFK’s search for a new home is in full swing. Over 1 million BTC addresses are available and experts believe that the price increase could make it impossible for many people to afford. Adam Back, CEO and co-founder of Blockstream believes that Bitcoin will ultimately replace established financial institutions with a system that is driven by the people. FTX’s leader is hoping to recover more than $240 Million from outsiders and executives that benefited from FTX’s inflated acquisition of stock-clearing platform Embed. According to court filings, Embed’s Chief Technology Officer Laurence Beal and the CEO of the former company were surprised that FTX would pay so much money for such a small business after just a short meeting. Michael Giles and Beal were accused of disproportionate payouts and investors received $55 million to its CEO.

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