: Bitcoin Trading Signals Platform Gains Momentum


AltSignals token presale is now 66.84% complete. Despite a tepid crypto market, interest in new tokens such as AltSignals has been growing, as evidenced by the presale. Investors have been drawn to AltSignals as a quality project backed by an existing community of traders.

Bitcoin has cooled down after a tepid run to the $30,000 mark, while investors have been showing much interest in other little-known or new tokens like PEPE. The frog-themed meme coin debuted in mid-April but has grown exponentially, with its market cap rising to $1.82 billion. Other little-known tokens, such as 4TOKEN, DINO, and CHAD, have also seen an increase in value. It shows investors’ interest in crypto remains strong despite a prolonged bear market.

AltSignals is a UK-based trading service. Since its inception in 2017, the platform has built a successful business that has attracted thousands of followers on Telegram. AltSignals has been using AltAlgo™, an advanced technical analysis tool, to generate quality signals for its community. To capitalise on the early success, AltSignals is launching an artificial intelligence-led trading platform for its community. The platform will be dubbed ActualizeAI and will be powered by AltSignals token $ASI.

Owning $ASI guarantees access to AltSignals AI platform ActualizeAI. Investors benefit from quality trading signals which they can use to grow their bottom lines. AltSignals also envisions a situation where the trader is in control. They can use $ASI to vote on decisions and be part of beneficial ownership in the AI Members Club.

With less than 35% of $ASI remaining before the presale completes, it could be the right time to invest. After that, the price may rise exponentially as $ASI is expected to list on Uniswap in the second quarter of 2023. It means investing early offers a chance to buy the token at a low price before more investors have access to it.

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