Bitfinex Launches $5M Tokenized Bond on Liquid Network


Bitfinex Securities has announced a successful fundraise of $5.2 million in one of the world’s first tokenised bonds. The raise was for Alternative, a fund for securitisation under microfinancing Mikro Kapital. The USDT-denominated ALT2612 bond has a 36 month term and a 10% coupon.

This tokenised bond issued on the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, is the first of its kind in the microcredit sector. Bitfinex Securities and Mikro Kapital have recently formed a partnership in which they will explore asset tokenization, with plans to boost adoption of Tether Stablecoins USDT and EURT in the microfinance sector.

Vincenzo Trani, President and Founder of Mikro Kapital commented on their partnership and the recently completed raise: “The success of our first tokenized bond issue was made possible thanks to the constant technical support and the extensive network of investors of Bitfinex Securities. We are excited to be pioneers in bringing cryptocurrency to the world of microfinance. This will allow us to respond efficiently and quickly to the needs of small entrepreneurs.”

Paolo Adoino, CEO of Tether CTO and Bitfinex Securities, said in a blog post: “This proof of concept is more than just a fundraise; it’s a significant stride towards integrating USDt in the microfinancing industry. Our ongoing challenge is to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto investors, educating them about the mutual benefits of high-quality securities and tokenisation. Mikro Kapital’s role in this endeavor is indispensable.”

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