Bitrue Partners with Xahau Ledger to Accelerate XRPL Ecosystem Innovation


Bitrue and Xahau Ledger have partnered with a shared goal to drive innovation in the XRPL Ecosystem. Xahau Ledger has integrated a cutting-edge smart contract sidechain into the XRPL Ecosystem which introduces the concept of “Hooks” – intelligent components seamlessly integrated into Xahau accounts. These Hooks act as intuitive smart contracts and validate transactions based on predefined rules.

To demonstrate their commitment to the Xahau Ledger journey, Bitrue assumes a pivotal role as a Governance Game Validator during the launch phase. This ensures a robust and trustworthy blockchain ecosystem.

With the launch of Xahau Ledger, Bitrue and Xahau Ledger have collaborated to create a series of captivating programs to enhance user experiences and to optimize advantages that this groundbreaking ecosystem provides. This partnership symbolizes a significant leap in innovation and user-centric excellence.

By harnessing advanced technologies, the two companies are redefining the boundaries of what is achievable and propelling the blockchain realm forward.

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