“Bittensor and Render Tokens Surge in Response to Growing BitBot Demand”


On Sunday, AI tokens were the top performers, led by Bittensor (TAO) and Render Token (RNDR) which saw a surge of over 20%. This comes as traders turn their attention to the upcoming Nvidia GTC conference in the US. Meanwhile, the Telegram bot, BitBot, continues to gain popularity among investors, raising over $1 million in its token sale.

The Nvidia GTC event will be a major event this week, with numerous central bank decisions also taking place. This event is expected to have a significant impact on cryptocurrencies and other financial assets. It will feature some of the biggest companies in the world, including many crypto companies.

This explains the recent surge in AI tokens, as they tend to perform well when there is a major AI-related event or news. Bittensor and Render saw a boost in their prices after Nvidia reported strong financial results in February, with revenue increasing by over 240%.

Meanwhile, the BitBot token sale continues to be successful, with over $1 million raised so far. BitBot aims to revolutionize the trading industry by developing a safe and effective Telegram bot powered by blockchain technology. Token holders will also have benefits such as potential discounts and governance decisions.

The token sale is set to end in the first quarter, with the launch of BitBot expected in the second quarter. It will also be available on DEX and DEX platforms during this time. For more information on BitBot, visit their website.

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