Blockchain Solana Blockchain Receives Elusiv SDK Delivery


Elusiv takes pride in delivering their SDK on Solana and making it open source, enabling developers to access a multitude of privacy-related functions. In the Web3 world, privacy is of paramount importance, and Elusiv is striving to make it programmable with their SDK. Through cryptography, developers can integrate privacy into their applications and wallets, payment solutions, and DeFi protocols.

To further promote the use of the Elusiv SDK, the team is organizing workshops, hackathons, and bounties. They are also sponsoring Encode’s boot camp and hackathon and providing a bounty for Superteam Vietnam’s workshop.

The integration of privacy into Solana will open up new possibilities, removing entry barriers and facilitating the creation of privacy-oriented applications. The Elusiv SDK is a groundbreaking development for the Solana ecosystem.

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