Brevard Residents Lose Over $100,000 in Bitcoin Scams


In Brevard County, more than 100 people have reported being scammed out of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. Real estate agent Isabel Castro is one of them. She thought she was talking to a friend on Instagram, urging her to buy Bitcoin and send it to a crypto-exchange site for a big return. After sending $9,000, she realized it was a scam.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Agent Justin Wood, part of the Secret Service’s Cyber Fraud Task Force, is the lead cryptocurrency investigator. He’s closed 80 cases, recovering about $700,000 worth of cryptocurrency. Wood said that anyone pressuring you to buy cryptocurrency is likely a scammer.

Wood advises that anyone considering buying Bitcoin should be aware that there are scam artists involved. He suggests not to trust anyone offering quick and high returns and to always pick up the phone and call a “friend” to verify their identity.

Isabel Castro wishes she had done the same. She reminds everyone to be aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrency.

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