Brian Armstrong Issues Warning on Risks of Anti-Crypto Stance in 2024 Politics


Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, recently discussed the growing importance of cryptocurrency in American politics. Armstrong’s analysis suggests that those seeking office in the upcoming 2024 elections should consider the potential risks of opposing crypto.

Armstrong’s Argument

Armstrong presents a five-point argument focusing on the increasing number of U.S. voters who currently hold cryptocurrency. According to a Coinbase report and Morning Consult surveys, an estimated 52 million Americans own crypto, with 38% of young Americans seeing it as a pathway to economic opportunities.

The growing popularity of digital assets is also evident in the 90% increase in crypto prices year-to-date, compared to only 9% of Americans satisfied with the current financial system. As a result, Armstrong suggests that crypto policies could become a key factor in determining voter preferences in the upcoming election.

Legislative Challenges and Crypto Advocacy

The proposed Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act, which would impose stricter banking regulations on various aspects of crypto technology, has sparked debate and controversy. In response, a number of advocacy organizations, such as the Stand With Crypto Alliance, have formed to promote the industry’s interests and shape public opinion.


Brian Armstrong’s views on the evolving relationship between cryptocurrency and politics demonstrate the need for politicians to understand the complexities of the digital currency landscape. As crypto continues to gain traction, its influence on election outcomes could become increasingly significant.

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