Bridgecoin Capital Launches Crypto-Backed Real Estate Lending Platform


Bridgecoin Capital has just released a pioneering lending platform, the first of its kind that lends customers’ cryptocurrencies into traditional real estate investments. This platform offers tax-efficient ways to preserve wealth in the blockchain industry, through a partnership of real estate and cryptocurrency experts.

The real estate market is worth an estimated $3 trillion, while the cryptocurrency market is worth over $500 billion. This has resulted in significant tax repercussions for capital gains due to the $163 billion investors made during the recent crypto bull run. Bridgecoin Capital has now created a fully regulated process that allows customers to borrow money against their cryptocurrency holdings, without paying capital gains tax, and invest it into interest-bearing real estate deals.

The Bridgecoin platform is a regulation-focused design that offers users access to features like tax and interest payments. It also has a straightforward lending and lockup structure that requires customers to complete KYC. The loans are collateralized, meaning the return is fixed in terms of the USD repaid after the lockup period and the APY provided throughout the process.

This innovative model is the first tax-effective way to preserve wealth in the blockchain industry, by creating a partnership between real estate and cryptocurrency experts. The platform will defer crypto capital gains by using real estate to both defer taxes and diversify customer portfolios.

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