Alexander Vinnik Requests Release on Bail Citing Delayed Trial


The alleged operator of the BTC-e crypto exchange, Alexander Vinnik, has made an appeal for bail due to the delays in his trial. The Russian IT specialist was extradited to the United States in early August to be charged with money laundering via the now-defunct trading platform.

Vinnik’s Defense Team Seeks Relief From Prolonged US Detention

Crypto entrepreneur Alexander Vinnik has asked for relief from bail due to the prolonged court proceedings. According to Russian media, he has been held in US custody for more than three months. However, his lawyers contend that the US authorities have failed to provide the necessary court documentation.

Alejandro Vinnik

According to court documents filed with the Northern District of California, Vinnik’s defense team has asked that all documents related to the trial be filed within 60 days.

Alexander Vinnik claims that he should be freed on bail or allowed the right to a speedy court hearing because the US government has failed to comply with its obligations in the case. This is mentioned in the appeal, according to Izvestia.

The alleged operator of BTC-e was arrested in July 2017 while on vacation in Greece with his family, based on a warrant from the US authorities. He is accused of laundering between $4 billion and $9 billion through the cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition to the USA, France has also sought his extradition, asking the Greek judiciary to remand him to them. In 2019, he was first sentenced in France and then released. The Greek authorities extradited him to the United States last summer.

Vinnik appeared in federal court in San Francisco on August 5, but he was not charged. Later that month, Russian media reported that he was not allowed bail, citing his incarceration at Santa Rita Jail in California.

In September, his French lawyer, Frederic Belot, urged the Russian government to take into account a possible prisoner exchange agreement with the United States. After being held in isolation, the prisoner’s health has reportedly deteriorated, leading to hunger strikes in Greece.

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