Top Crypto Assets Ranked by Number of Watchlists in 2022


Crypto Markets websites such as and are providing watch lists so that visitors can keep track of their favorite coins. As of December 29, 2022, bitcoin(BTC) is the most popular crypto currency with 4.84 million watchlists on both CMC and CG.

Crypto Assets Ranked by Observation Lists

With the end of 2022, aggregation websites such as CMC and CG are offering watchlist options for visitors to stay updated on their preferred digital currencies. A watchlist can be used to watch a certain set of crypto assets, even when it does not include any other assets. Similarly, traditional finance allows investors to track stocks and commodities in order to monitor their asset’s market value.

As of CG, bitcoin(BTC) was on 1,192.111 watch lists. On CMC, bitcoin is currently on 3,656,754 watch list, which equates with more than 4.84 Million watch lists. Ethereum is the second most popular coin, with a total of 4,109,238 observation lists. 1,104,484 of these come from CG, and 3,004,754 from CMC.

The top four crypto assets according to watchlist numbers are BTC, ETH, ADA and BNB.

After BTC and ETH, ADA (2.94 million watchlists) and BNB (2.45 million) rank among the most popular crypto coins. After these two, other major cryptocurrencies like DOGE (2.14 million), polygon (1.84 million), and stablecoin tether (3.52 million) take the stage. This is followed by three stablecoins: USDT (1.52 million) and USDC (358,911) and BUSD (351,265).

As of December 29, 2022, the top ten crypto assets make up $676.08 trillion or 84.72% of the $797.95 million currently in the crypto economy. An exception is Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the top ten crypto coins, which has 2,382,306 watchlists but still holds the 15th highest market capitalization position.

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