BTC Soars to 1-Month Peak as ETH Approaches $1,300 – Cryptocurrency Market Updates


Bitcoin The cryptocurrency market surged to a 1-month high December 13. This is in anticipation of the US inflation report. Consumer Prices are expected to fall to 7.3% by the end of the year November. This would be a 0.4% decrease from the preceding month. Ethereum The session saw a rally in costs today as they approached the $1.300 mark.


Bitcoin (BTC), hit a one month peak Tuesday As the markets began pricing in lower consumer prices, United States.

After After falling to $16,966.59 in the beginning of the week, today’s session saw the BTC/USD pair reach an intraday high at $17,457.30.

This Move pushed the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency up to its highest level in over a year, Nov. 11. The price peaked at $17,645.

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

As The graph shows that today’s rise is due to the fact that the 14-day RSI exceeded its highest point.

The Index broke above 52.00 resistance earlier in the day, and is now at 55.00

Despite We are likely to see more volatility in this afternoon’s report Wednesday Traders prepare for the US Federal Reserve rate decision.


Ethereum (ETH) rallied today too, as the bulls have reentered the market, bringing prices to near $1300.

Today’s session saw ETH/USD reach a record $1,294.10, less than 24 hours after it hit a low of $1.248.36.

This Move resulted in ETH/USD approaching a resistance level at $1,300. This was because prices were nearly 4% higher than the Monday’s peak.

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