BTC Closes 13 Years of Positive Market Value, No Santa Rally in 2022 – Bitcoin News Roundup


By the end of 2018, bitcoin had achieved its thirteenth consecutive year of market capitalization growth. Though seven of these years saw Santa Rallyes, bearish returns were seen in five of the 13. With six days left in 2022, the market activity seems to point to a negative return for this month.

13 Years of Bitcoin Prices December

2022 has not been a kind year for the fiat market capitalization of bitcoin (BTC). At the start of the year, BTC was trading at around $46,000 per unit. In the last six months, the price has dropped 63%. October 5, 2009 saw the first recorded face value of bitcoin in the United States Dollars. This was identified as the New Liberty Standard (NLS) and was purchased for $0.00764/BTC. This means that an individual buying bitcoins via NLS could purchase approximately 1,309.03 BTC per $1.

In December 2010 bitcoin (BTC), was up by 42.85% during this month.

The prices recorded in 2009 cannot be counted in the last month. Nevertheless, December 17, 2009 saw one dollar exchanged for approximately 1,630.33 BTC. NLS quotes as of December 28, 2009 were around 1578.76 BTC/1 dollar. In December 2010, BTC traded for $0.21 each coin on the first day of the month. On December 31.08.2010, a single Bitcoin was 42.85% cheaper at $0.30/unit. The end of 2011 also saw gains for the crypto asset.

In December 2011. Bitcoin (BTC) increased by 43.09% during the month.

December 1, 2011 saw BTC traded at $2.97/unit. By December 30, it was $4.25 lower or 43.09% higher. On December 31, BTC was purchased at $12.57 for each coin. January 1, 2012 saw an increase of 7% to $13.45 per unit by the end of 2011. BTC failed to make gains in the following two years, despite a bull rally in 2013. For example, December 1, 2013 had BTC trading at $955.85 for each coin and by December 31, it was 21.11% less at $754.01 per Unit.

December 2014 saw a 15.57% drop in bitcoin trading. December 1 saw BTC at $379.25 and was sold for $320.19 at the end of the year. The last months of 2015/2016 and 2017 saw Santa Claus rallies. December 1, 2015 saw BTC traded at $362.49, rising 18.78% by the end of the year to $430.57 per unit. Similar results were seen on December 1, 2016: BTC was traded at $756.77, rising 27.34% to trade for $963.74 per unit by December 31.

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