BTCV Set to Launch on P2B Crypto Exchange


The Team behind Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is proud to announce that its token has been listed on P2B, one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a major milestone in BTCV’s history and solidifies its market presence, as well as highlighting its innovative eco-system.

The 3-Key Security Solution offered by BTCV is now available to users through P2B. This revolutionary technology provides users with a secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency experience.

The listing of BTCV on P2B comes with a range of benefits for investors. P2B is well known for its trust, liquidity and security, and has a six-year track record of launching over 2,000 projects. It also has a Rising Stars Initiative, which supports projects with high potential, including innovative ideas.

P2B’s experienced go-to market team provides promotion and liquidity services to make projects attractive and visible for investors. This makes P2B an ideal platform for crypto startups looking for a growth partner.

The BTCV eco-system consists of three products which work together to create a secure, transparent environment: Gold Wallet, Key Generator and Electrum Vault. With the Bitcoin Vault, users can cancel transactions, making it a great tool to combat theft, fraud and hacking.

Launched in 2019, BTCV is the first cryptocurrency to allow cancellation of transactions following their execution. Through its 3-Key Security Solution and hard fork prevention, the total number of private keys has increased to three. Since its conception, BTCV has improved its technical prowess and established a significant presence on the market.

Crypto traders can now trade BTCV/USDT or BTCV/BTC at P2B. If you’re curious about BTCV, or are looking for a secure crypto experience, then explore its features. Regular updates can be found on its social media pages: Twitter, Instagram, Telegram (News) and Telegram (Community).

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is a user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency designed to facilitate secure transactions. Through its listing on P2B, BTCV has opened the door to the top-rated exchange in Europe and globally.

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