Bullshark Quest 2 Extension Fuels SUI Token Surge


Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation have extended the Bullshark Quest 2 event, which was originally set to end on August 29th, to promote greater user interaction with the DeFi ecosystem. The event features two SUI reward pools, each offering unique opportunities for participants.

At press time, the SUI token was trading at $0.5775, up 8.43% in the past 24 hours, and the price has been on a recovery trend since August 18.

Pool 1 has 2.5 million SUI tokens to be shared among the top 5,000 players based on total points earned. Pool 2, on the other hand, has another 2.5 million SUI tokens to be shared among the remaining qualified participants.

The extended timeframe of the Bullshark Quest 2 event gives participants more time to explore and benefit from the decentralized finance (DeFi) dApps. By providing users with a better chance to explore the DeFi world in more depth, the two reward pools also aim to promote deeper user engagement.

SUI token’s price surge could be attributed to the Bullshark Quest 2 event, which has been trending since its launch on July 28th. The goal of the event is to give consumers enough time to engage, navigate, and gain from their use of the DeFi offerings.

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