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Cardano Introduces Node 8.0 as Next Protocol Version Upgrade
  • Charles Hoskinson declared that Cardano’s next update would be node 8.0.
  • The CEO mentioned that node 8.0 would be an extension from the protocol version.
  • Hoskinson also spoke about the blockchain’s congestion control function, alluding to a past blog post.

Charles HoskinsonThe American Entrepreneur and CEO of the Blockchain Platform Cardano Revealed his most recent video on the progress of the Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIP) – 1694, saying that the next node update would be node 8.0, “an extension of the protocol version”.

NotablyThe Cardano CEO Titled his Video “Okonomiyaki”The name of the a Japanese dish that literally means “a little bit of everything cooked”. He He explained that he believes the term is suitable because it is a “suitable roll-up term for discussing a few issues at the same time”.

Significantly, Hoskinson The Cardano Team has been engaged in the successful deployment and maintenance of node 8.0 since the beginning of the year. HoweverThere are still some additional steps to be taken for the project to be finished.

It It should be noted that the CIP can be used to a “formalized design for the Cardano community and the name of the process by which such documents are produced and listed”. The Official page of the Cardano CIP can be understood using blockchain:

CIPs are informational or descriptive of a change in the Cardano Ecosystem, processes, and environment clearly and in sufficient technical detail. This CIP explains what a CIP is and how it works. It also outlines the role of CIP EditorsWhat users should do when proposing, discussing, structuring, and structuring CIPs.

In Addition to the discussions on node 8.2, Hoskinson Discussed a variety of topics CardanoCongestion control is a key feature to make sure that there are no congestion-related problems “the system is strong enough while working with high loads”. He Referenced a Cardano Blog post published in 2021 that explains congestion control in detail.

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