Celo Joins Forces with Chainlink’s SCALE Initiative


  • Celo Network announced on Tuesday that it had joined Chainlink’s SCALE program.
  • The mobile-first, EVM compatible blockchain platform will benefit from high-quality, low cost oracle services.
  • Chainlink oracle nodes will power Data Feeds on Celo.

Celo (CELO), a mobile-first, EVM compatible blockchain network, has linked up with the Chainlink SCALE initiative in order to leverage the oracle data and services of Chainlink (LINK) and accelerate Celo ecosystem adoption.

On Tuesday, the Celo Foundation released a press statement confirming that a proposal detailing the partnership had been accepted by the Celo governance forum in an on-chain vote in March, having been accepted with 99% yes.

SCALE to boost Web3 mobile applications on Celo

SCALE is a program that seeks to foster sustainable growth for L1 and L2 blockchains by providing developers with access to quality, yet cost-effective oracle services.

“Through the strategic deployment of resources, Celo will cover operating costs for Chainlink oracle nodes powering Data Feeds on the Celo Network. As the Celo ecosystem expands, dApp fees can eventually cover the full operating costs of Chainlink nodes,” Chainlink noted via Twitter.

Joining the program does not only give Celo developers access to the leading oracle services; it also means projects can now look to reduced gas fees, with Celo being capable of supporting the development of new-generation mobile applications.

Xochitl Cazador, Head of Ecosystem Growth at the Celo Foundation, said the collaboration is a major step towards long-term sustainability for the blockchain.

Developers building on Celo now have access to Chainlink’s oracle services, enabling the next generation of highly scalable Web3 mobile applications. We welcome Chainlink to the Celo community and look forward to the continued growth and collaboration between our communities.”

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