Celsius Network Bankruptcy Saga Ends With 5% Bonus Settlement Shock


When you thought all hope was lost for Celsius Network LLC, the crypto world’s phoenix has risen from its ashes with an unexpected plan. Reports suggest that a groundbreaking settlement has been reached in order to settle the ongoing litigation regarding alleged management misconduct. This settlement includes a commitment to give a 5% bonus to all account holders. This generous incentive has created a new opportunity for account holders eager to recover their losses. Moreover, the proposed agreement between Celsius and its unsecured creditors’ committee is set to end a possible legal battle and result in astronomical cost savings.

It is an unexpected result from a bankruptcy situation, and the settlement allows customers to choose whether they want to participate and reap its benefits or continue with their claim against debtors. This flexibility is a bold move and gives people a chance of a smoother path ahead. However, the deal does not cover those with “Custody” Accounts who have previously made their own agreements.

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