Chancer Sets Sights on 2023 and Beyond


Chancer has recently introduced a blockchain-based betting system based on the P2P model. It has the potential to benefit from a strong and growing betting market, estimated to be worth $81 billion in 2022. Analysts predict that the price of Chancer could surge by 1,000% by 2024, making it a highly attractive investment.

Ahead of the launch of Chancer’s decentralised betting platform, the project has launched a presale of its token, $CHANCER. It has seen immense demand, with over $1.65 million raised in two months.

How does Chancer work? It operates as a P2P model, where users create betting events and invite others to bet for and against them. Rules and odds are set by users themselves, giving them more flexibility than traditional betting. Outcomes of the bets are settled via the Chancer token, with users rewarded for creating and customising their own betting games. Additionally, the token can be staked for investors to earn passive income.

Chancer also features live streaming using Google-powered WebRTC capabilities. This allows the community to engage in communication and watch live gameplay activities.

The presale presents an opportunity for investors looking to maximise returns, with the token being available in ETH, USDT, BNB, and BUSD. The listing is drawing close, with a price increase of up to three-digit percentages likely in 2023.

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