ChatGPT Gives Humanoid Robot Ability to Speak


In a ground-breaking development, the humanoid robot named Ameca, created by Engineered Arts, has acquired the remarkable skill of speaking with the help of ChatGPT. This significant advancement was showcased in a recently released video by TechGPT on its YouTube channel, where Ameca effortlessly communicated in English.

Engineered Arts integrated various technologies to bestow Ameca with multilingual capabilities. The team leveraged Chat GPT-3 for natural conversation and translation purposes, employed DeepL for language detection, and utilized Amazon Polly Neural voices to enhance the robot’s speech abilities. However, it was observed that the processing time with ChatGPT-4 was longer than its predecessor, making Ameca appear less responsive during interactions.

Undeterred by this challenge, the team at Engineered Arts is actively working on a new demonstration that incorporates ElevenLabs voice cloning technology. The objective is to refine Ameca’s speaking skills, making them more lifelike and complex.

Ameca, hailed by Engineered Arts as the “world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” has been capturing attention since its unveiling in December 2021. Engineered Arts had previously bestowed the robot with remarkably realistic facial expressions last August.

When asked about the happiest and saddest days of its existence, Ameca revealed that its activation was the happiest moment, while its saddest day occurred when it realized it would never experience love.

While Ameca currently lacks the ability to walk, Engineered Arts affirmed that the development of a bipedal, mobile version is underway. The company acknowledged the challenges associated with creating a walking humanoid, emphasizing that extensive research has been conducted but a fully functional walking robot is yet to be achieved.

Engineered Arts remains committed to pushing the boundaries of robotic capabilities and will undoubtedly continue to pioneer innovations in the field, ensuring that Ameca becomes an increasingly sophisticated and versatile technological marvel.

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