Chimpzee Meme Coin Set to Outshine Dog Meme Coins Amid Investor Appreciation of Environmental Use Case


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Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a project that blends enjoyment and profitability, while also incentivizing users to contribute to animal and environmental causes. The team behind the project has allocated 10% of the token supply and a portion of profits to organizations dedicated to tackling these issues. Plus, an ambassador and community outreach program will be established to show the importance of raising awareness and funds for conservation-related projects.

Chimpzee’s Features

Chimpzee offers features such as Play-to-Earn, Shop-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn, which enable users to earn rewards while actively contributing to the project’s goals. The Chimpzee shop is a centralized hub for various goods and commodities, while the NFT marketplace allows users to take part in buying and selling NFTs, earning passive income through a portion of the platform’s trading fees. Additionally, players can accumulate CHMPZ tokens by achieving specific milestones in the Zero Tolerance Game.

Moreover, holders of Chimpzee NFT passports gain access to extra benefits, contributing to the accumulation of more CHMPZ tokens. The project is also set to introduce a mobile application incorporating AI technology to create personalized Chimpzee AI avatars.

The CHMPZ Presale Has Rewards For Investors

The CHMPZ token serves as the primary currency for all platform features and rewards and is used for various transactions within the Chimpzee ecosystem. The project is currently conducting an ongoing presale, offering the token at a rate of $0.001 in the current phase. So far, it has raised over $1.3 million.

Presale participants have the opportunity to acquire the Chimpzee NFT passports, which come with substantial rewards. Non-presale investors will need to wait until after the whitelist NFT passport prelaunch, reserved for presale participants. For those who don’t acquire Chimpzee NFT passports during the presale, they will later be available at a higher price, with limited availability.

When CHMPZ coins are used to buy Chimpzee NFT passports, up to 5 Billion tokens may be removed from the total circulating supply. After the presale phase, the Chimpzee team will focus on securing listings on various exchanges and advancing technological aspects, including the development of the Chimpzee store, NFT minting platform, and staking engine. The debut listing on a centralized exchange (CEX) is slated for the latter half of the year.


Chimpzee has the potential to show how individuals can participate in crypto ecosystems and make a positive impact. Its initiatives demonstrate how cryptocurrencies can contribute to the well-being of all living beings, surpassing purely financial incentives. It is highly recommended to explore the CHMPZ presale without delay.

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