China Launches ‘MetaCene’ to Reinvigorate Crypto Gaming Market



MetaCene, the much-awaited blockchain MMORPG, is being developed in China for two years and $5 million. It may soon be released.

The game aims to offer a “homeland for mass players” in a post-apocalyptic society. Players will interact with six primary in-game non-fungible token (NFT) types to “redefine civilizations”. The game combines the aspirations of Web2 gaming with AI and blockchain technologies, pioneering player-centric entertainment, governance, and creation.

According to the roadmap, the team plans to conduct the second alpha test and launch the mainnet blockchain in Q3 this year. In Q4, they plan to launch the commercial version 1.0, followed by version 2.0 in 2024.

Investors and crypto game makers are looking for a way to build a game that is not just a means for financial speculation. According to creator Alan Tan, this is because developers focus on the “fi” but not the “game”. MetaCene has been received positively so far, showing that a solid game with a crypto element is better than a crypto economy with a game attached to it.

MetaCene was founded in October 2021 by gaming veterans, with more than two decades of industry experience. The team includes Cary Chen, Lion Cheung, Owen Fung, and Last Chan.

In August, the game’s alpha test concluded, with 461,916 minutes of playtime among 2,961 players, and 6,166 USDT in transactions. Also, 1,225 new addresses were created. MetaCene is free-to-play, but the company will take a cut of each crypto transaction between players. They plan to raise an additional $8 million from venture capitalists to support development.

The interactive user engagement system, the Metropolis Sentry, was also launched in August. Players can complete tasks and collect rewards, including in-game equipment and NFTs. Currency is earned via crystal mining and can be done without players’ active participation.

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