Chromia to Launch Mainnet in 2024


Stockholm, Sweden, December 4th, 2023, Chainwire

Chromia announced the mainnet launch for 2024, and released an updated roadmap outlining project development goals. Chromia is a blockchain-based company founded by Henrik Hjelte (CEO), Or Perelman (COO), and Alex Mizrahi (CTO) with the aim of delivering a public ‘relational blockchain’ Architecture. This technology combines the security and permissionless nature of a relational database, while maintaining the efficiency of a blockchain. Chromia’s vision and scope has expanded, with the team now focusing on creating modular Layer-1 and Layer-2 solutions.

Commenting on the Chromia mainnet launch, Henrik Hjelte, CEO of Chromia, said, “We have spent 10 years building the technology we believe can make an impact on the world at large. To make public decentralized applications go mainstream, you need a comprehensive feature set and ease of use. Chromia’s mainnet is poised to launch with powerful features encompassing modularity, EVM interoperability, relational database architecture, and on-chain file storage. We are proud of our ‘batteries-included’ approach, and we are confident that developers will love the new elegance and productivity we bring to crypto.”

The project’s roadmap highlights the current development goals, such as Chromia-based tokens as a bridge asset between EVM chains, and a native fee system. Utilities for developers and end users have been created, such as an official wallet, block explorers, technical documentation, and tutorials. There are also early signs of growth in the project’s ecosystem, such as in the ‘Shared Appnet’, an early production environment for decentralized apps (dapps). This network has already powered several projects such as a digital marketplace for collectibles from German Football club VfB Stuttgart, and the fashion brand BLK DNM’s ‘Connected Fashion’ technology.

The updated version of the roadmap can be found on Chromia’s website. To stay in touch with Chromia, follow their official Twitter page at

About Chromia

Chromia is a decentralized application platform built on a blockchain that offers scalable, secure, and developer-friendly solutions. Their Relational Blockchain Technology is designed to provide developers and users with high performance, low costs, and ease-of-use.


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