Clearance US Presidential Candidate Denied Secret Security Clearance Despite Pro-Crypto Stance


Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Security Request Denied by White House

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is a US Presidential candidate for the upcoming 2024 elections and a pro-crypto leader who has been vocal in supporting the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Kennedy recently took to Twitter to share that the White House administration has rejected his request for Secret Service protection, which is usually granted to presidential candidates.

In a lengthy 67-page report from one of the world’s leading protection firms, RFK detailed the security risks and everyday death threats he faces. However, the Biden administration took 88 days to reply to the request and eventually denied it. Secretary Mayorkas stated that Secret Service protection for Robert F Kennedy Jr is not warranted at this time.

Kennedy also revealed in the crypto space that he owns Bitcoin (BTC). After attending the Bitcoin Conference, he purchased two Bitcoin for each of his seven children. Senator Roy Johnson commented that this proves that there is a dual system of justice, and now a dual system of protection.

This denial of security protection is a major concern for Robert F. Kennedy Jr as the assassination of his father in 1968 saw every presidential candidate provided with Secret Service protection since then. As a result, he is urging the White House to reconsider their decision.

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