Clockwork Startup Solana to Cease Operations


Clockwork, a smart contract automation tool, raised $4 million in funding from Multicoin Capital and other investors. Nick Garfield, the project’s founder, announced on Sunday that all the nodes of the Devnet Mainnet will be frozen from October 31st.

The open source code of Clockwork was designed to enable smart contracts functionality for payroll payments and such other transactions. Garfield explained that the team and he feel successful in completing their original mission and proud of the adoption it has seen. He added that the reason for stepping away from the project now is due to the limited commercial upside in continuing to develop the protocol, and a growing personal interest to explore new opportunities.

For users who rely on Clockwork, the team will do what they can to ensure continued service. They explained that this process is an accelerated transition to full decentralization, and its success will depend on the will of the Solana community.

Clockwork Oracle as a service protocol is a project that users can use to migrate from one platform to another. SwitchboardRPC Platform Helius The triggr is an example of such a platform.

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