Coinbase Launches XRP and AVAX Futures, $RBLZ Presale Rides High



XRP’s performance is not impressive, but it will improve soon. Avalanche Gains of 3% over a week are expected to continue December. Rebel Satoshi Continues to attract investors after rising 30% in just three weeks.

Top Altcoins, such as XRP(XRP) Avalanche Avax and Rebel Satoshi $RBLZ, have had different performances since the crypto market began December. XRP shed 1% in a week, but analysts expect it to record marginal gains in the near future. Avalanche gained 3% in a week and is expected to continue its upward trend to end the year at $24.07. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi has attracted hordes of investors with its public presale. The current presale is ongoing, and the $RBLZ market is booming.

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XRP Sheds 1% In A Week: Is Uptrend Coming?

Over the last seven days, XRP’s performance has been deplorable. On 24 February, the cryptocurrency traded around $0.6184. XRP began climbing on November 26 after Mastercard partnered with XRPL Labs to create a debit card integrating XRP. This bullish news saw the XRP rise as high as $0.6347 November 26. However, as the excitement around this news began to fade, XRP started correcting downward. By December, XRP’s price had stabilised around $0.6115, meaning that XRP has lost $1.12% over the past week. Investors are asking if XRP is a good cryptocurrency to buy in order to make massive profits by 2023.

Analysts expect XRP to record marginal gains in the near future. This forecast is based on XRP becoming more popular after the news of XRP introducing XRP single-sided stake on the Futureverse and MoaiFinance launching its DEX.

Avalanche Jumps 3% In A Week: More Gains Coming?

Avalanche has performed well over the last seven days. On November, AVAX traded at around $21.06. However, AVAX has started climbing up after the data from TheBlock revealed that Avalanche whale investors are the least concentrated in the entire marketplace. This bullish news saw Avalanche jump as high as $22.49 before stabilising at $21.87. AVAX’s price has risen by $3.85% over the past week. Investors are left wondering about the performance of their investments. Will the trend continue upwards and is now a good time to invest in a top cryptocurrency?

According to analysts, AVAX will continue its upward trend to end the year at $24.07. This prediction is based on AVAX gaining more adoption following the launch of eCash and Avalanche Staking Rewards. AVAX is now on the list of altcoins that you should be watching!

Rebel Satoshi Enters Rebels Round 1 With A Bang: More Gains In Store!

The ongoing public presale of Rebel Satoshi, a meme coin which aims to challenge the centralized organizations within the crypto-space, has attracted hordes of investors. Rebel Satoshi’s native $RBLZ coin gives investors access to the entire blockchain ecosystem, including an NFT marketplace, a staking program, and a P2E game. Moreover, $RBLZ investors will access a vibrant community that celebrates the defiant and rebellious spirit of disrupters like Rebel Satoshi and Guy Fawkes.

As of December, Rebel Satoshi had entered Rebels Round 1. During this round, investors may purchase $RBLZ for $0.013 per share using Bitcoin (BTC) plus 50 other cryptos. The next $RBLZ price will be $0.018. It is no surprise that the $RBLZ market is booming.

For more information and updates, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact us on Telegram.

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