Coinbase & OKX Team Up to Launch Blockchain Gaming Token BIGTIME


Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently announced their decision to include Big Time (BIGTIME) on its spot market. This exciting project was developed by a team of highly experienced game developers who have previously worked on popular titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

The primary purpose of this project is to create a multiplayer role-playing platform for players to own, trade, and create their own digital assets in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BIGTIME Attracts Millions in Investment and Partners with OKX

BIGTIME has already raised millions of dollars in investments since 2021 from prominent investors such as Galaxy Digital, Animoca Brands, and Coinbase Ventures. Furthermore, the project has held successful NFT sales on Binance NFT, a leading marketplace for NFTs. In addition, Big Time has joined forces with OKX, a prominent crypto exchange, to introduce BIGTIME on its platform.

BIGTIME’s Price Surges 71% After Coinbase Announcement

Coinbase’s announcement caused a drastic surge in BIGTIME’s price, increasing by an astonishing 71% within a few hours. At the moment, the token has a trading value of around $22 million. The trading volume has also risen significantly, now standing at $22 million, which indicates a high demand for this token. However, some analysts have voiced their concerns, warning that early investors may choose to sell their accumulated profits.

Earn Rewards with BIGTIME’s Token Economy

Big Time stands out from other blockchain games. It is a versatile platform that allows players to explore various realms and eras, from ancient civilizations to dystopian futures. Moreover, players have the freedom to customize their avatars and acquire unique items with interesting attributes and histories. These items come in the form of Non-fungible tokens, which can be traded in an open market or used within the game itself. Big Time’s token economy rewards players for their active participation by valuing their time and creativity.

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