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© Reuters Coinbase To Embrace Bitcoin Lightning Network; CEO Confirms
  • Brian Armstrong stated that Coinbase (NASDAQ:) plans to take on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
  • The Coinbase CEO tweeted that his posts get automatically erased every six months.
  • Armstrong’s tweet was a response to Wicked’s worries about the absence of the former’s comments on Bitcoin.

Recent news suggested that the top crypto platform Coinbase intends to implement Bitcoin Lightning Network, making Bitcoin transactions faster and more cost-effective.

On April 9, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong wrote on Twitter noting “Lightning is great and something we’ll embrace”:

Incidentally, Coinbase CEO’s message was a response to the post of the famous Twitter user, the Bitcoin fanatic under the pseudonym Wicked. The tweeter argued that Brian Armstrong has been avoiding Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Wicked, after investigating the Twitter page of the Coinbase CEO, stated that he has “not even once” posted about Bitcoin. The tweeter also shared a link that showed that the search history of Bitcoin on Armstrong’s page led to an empty page, confirming that he has never tweeted about bitcoin.

Nevertheless, when Amstrong replied that his page would automatically clear all the data once in six months, Wicked expressed his pleasure in receiving the response. Together with the message, he asked why Armstrong has been ignoring his messages regarding Lightning Networks, while he commented on other topics; so far, Armstrong hasn’t replied.

Remarkably, the blockchain architect MartyParty wrote on his official Twitter page, saying “Brian Armstrong says Coinbase is taking on the Bitcoin Lightning Network”:

Notably, the lightning network has been discovered to enhance the usability of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. As the network utilizes a smart contract for off-blockchain payments, the transfer would become more convenient and faster.

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