“Coinbase’s BASE Reaches $2B TVL Milestone as FLOKI and $MEDA Surge in Memes Market – Time to Invest?”


Coinbase’s BASE, a decentralized Layer-2 blockchain platform, has achieved a significant milestone with a TVL of $2 billion. This is a result of increased demand and network activity, positioning it as a strong competitor to other networks like Solana. BASE’s success can be attributed to its parent company, Coinbase, and the recent Dencun upgrade to reduce transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

The current meme coin craze has also presented opportunities for investors, with tokens like FLOKI and Milei Moneda ($MEDA) standing out for their unique branding and innovative approaches. FLOKI has seen an impressive 1,032% price increase, while Milei Moneda has captured attention with its deflationary token structure, absence of tax or team tokens, and attractive NFT staking rewards.

Despite market volatility, FLOKI has shown resilience and is currently trading 30% below its March peak. Its active token-burning strategy and increasing trading volume suggest potential for further gains. Meanwhile, the public presale for Milei Moneda continues to generate excitement, with a target launch price of $0.020 on Uniswap in May.

These factors have led some analysts to believe that FLOKI and Milei Moneda might be among the best altcoins to invest in right now. For more information on the Milei Moneda project, visit their official website or chat with them on Telegram.

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