CoinEdition: BTC Network Maintains Resilience in Face of Regulatory Challenges


Recently, Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, was interviewed by David Lin on Discussion Ordinals. Saylor believes that the crypto ecosystem is dominated by Bitcoin and that it is a network with low risk that will be the final network operating in regulated environments. He further explains that documents such as wills and names associated with businesses can be encoded and inscribed with Bitcoin in order to prevent tampering from third parties such as law firms or nation states.

The YouTube channel Simply Bitcoin recently posted a video analyzing Saylor’s interview. The host of the channel praised Saylor for his “level-headed” stand and acknowledged his opinion that no external powerful forces, such as the governments of China or the United States, can stop Bitcoin. The host also noted that even if someone purchased billions of dollars of a crypto-mining device to attack the system, it would end up making the network stronger.

Simply Bitcoin hosts concluded the video by listing the nearly 20k-30k tokens and coins that have been used to improve Bitcoin but most of them have failed and are no longer in existence. Saylor’s remarks about Ordinals being a “catalyst” for Bitcoin adoption align with his current position, although he acknowledges that they have been used for frivolous reasons.

This article was originally published on CoinEdition.

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